What is a Vanity Domain?

A vanity domain is a domain name purchased to represent the person/entity that registered it. It shows who owns it and it can be set up to point to the company that requested it. Vanity domains are open and affordable. Companies can buy a vanity domain which gives them the freedom to create their brand's link, in other words, vanity URLs. Vanity URLs can be a great way for a company or a brand to market its services.

In order to complete setting up your vanity domain follow the instructions below: 

  • Go to DNS settings in your domain account
  • Create a CNAME record for mail (example: <youdomain>.com)
  • Point CNAME above to http://subdomain.spheremail.co, otherwise HTTP requests for the vanity domain are not sent to SphereMail.co.

Note: If you're using the GoDaddy website, there is a field named "Name" and you can just enter any name, for example, "virtual" there. Then, go to the field named "points to" and just enter "yoursubdomain.spheremail.co" to set up your vanity domain with us.