Configuring your account is your stepping stone into being a part of the SphereMail family. As an operator, you can customize your platform, choose the best payment option that suits your business needs, and choose a shipping carrier from our existing accounts.

First things first, go to the Business Settings page, which contains all the settings that are required to set up or manage the account.



  • Click on the "Payments" tab, then go to the section labeled "Credit Card" and input or update your credit card to activate the account
  • Click on the section labeled "Update Payment Gateway" and select a new payment gateway from the drop-down menu
  • If no payment gateway is selected, SphereMail will remain as the default setting for all your customers' billing charges. If the desired payment gateway is not on the drop-down menu, simply send an email to to add the connection

*Note: This is the credit card that SphereMail will use to charge the operator for license and service fees only.

  • Click on the tab labeled "General", and select a color scheme that matches your logo or brand
  • Then, go to the "Plans" tab and select the desired options to be included in the operator's plans from the section titled "Plan Conditions"
  • Click on the "Integrations" tab and connect to any existing shipping carrier accounts

**Note: Connections are optional and are not required in order to use the SphereMail Pre-Paid Shipping Label feature.

Below is a demonstrative video on how you can get that done:

***Important Note: Connecting to a payment gateway allows the operator to receive funds from their customer's billing charges within 24 hours. If SphereMail remains as the default setting, billing reconciliation will occur within 30 days after the end of the current month. SphereMail will simply subtract the operator license and service fees from the customer's billing charges and refund the difference to the operator.