At the time of activation, the operator's account will be provided with 3 sample plans that can be modified at any time. To modify or create a plan follow the steps below:

  • Go to Business Settings
  • Click the tab titled "Plans" 
  • Review the sample plans and modify them as desired

These are Subscription Plans that the operator is offering to new customers and is unique to their location.

  • Click the pen icon on the far right of a selected plan to modify it or click the "Create Plan" button to create a new one
  • Click the eye icon on the far right of a selected plan to determine visibility 

To change plan conditions and other surcharges, click the tab titled "Plan Conditions".

*Important note: Plans will automatically be visible on the SphereMail website unless a plan is set to hidden. An operator can decide to turn off visibility, until they are ready to advertise the plan.

Consult the video below for further instructions: