As long as the notarization is still pending, the process can be canceled from the operator's end or from the customer's end.The operator would just need to log in as the customer.

In order to cancel the pending notarization kindly follow the below steps:

  • Go to the "Customer" section
  • Go to the specefic customer and click on " Log in as customer"
  • Go to the "My Account" section in their account.
  • Click on the section titled "Account"
  • Find the section titled "You provided"
  • Click on "View details" next to "USPS Form 1583."
  • Click "Cancel Notarization" to cancel it.

*Note: Customers can cancel their notary request at any time, before or after they submit the document for notarization.

Consult the following video for more information on how an operator can cancel pending notaraized customer's document: