SphereMail now offers direct integration with OfficeRnD to facilitate connecting your members with their virtual mailboxes!

Here's how to set that up:

A) You’ll first need to log in to your OfficeRnD Flex account and visit the Admin Portal: 

  1. Head to “Settings”:
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  2. Choose “Developer Tools”: (Note: You can consult this OfficeRnD article for more info.)
  3. There you’ll have the option to create a new application by clicking on “Add Application” and filling in the needed info, then finally clicking on "Add" once you're done. And that’s what you’ll use to connect your SphereMail portal with OfficeRnD:

  4. Once you’re done and have added the application, you’ll need to click on “View” next to the app you’ve just created, and copy the “Client ID” and “Client Secret” keys:  

  5. The last thing you'll need from your OfficeRnD dashboard is to copy your “OfficeRnD Slug”, which is this part between "//" in your OfficeRnD Flex URL:

B) Once you’ve done that, you can now head to your SphereMail portal and log in with your Operator/Super Admin credentials: (Please note that Admins and Mail Admins would not have access to this section.)


  1. Go to “Business Settings”:
  2. Click on “Integrations” and choose the “Systems” tab.
    There you’ll find the option to set up OfficeRnD by first enabling the integration toggle, then clicking on the “Connect” button that'll appear:

  3. You’ll get a popup window where you can paste the info you’ve copied at steps A)4+5 from your OfficeRnD settings (Client ID, Client Secret Key, and Slug) and then click “Connect”:

And you're all set! 

Now you have the option to connect your OfficeRnD users between both platforms:

Auto-connect all your SphereMail active customers: 
You can do that by simply clicking on "Connect members", confirm, and the system will cross-reference the emails of your active users and automatically connect them with their respective OfficeRnD member accounts.

Note: If the customer doesn't already have a member account on your OfficeRnD Flex account, it'll be automatically created using the info they've set up on their SphereMail account.

Manually connect specific customers: 

You’ll need to visit the customer’s SphereMail account and manually choose and connect their OfficeRnD account:

NOTE: For new customers that’ll sign up to your SphereMail portal AFTER you’ve set up your OfficeRnD integration— You won’t need to do anything; the system will connect them automatically as long as they’ve signed up on SphereMail using the same email addresses you have on file for their member account on OfficeRnD.