SphereMail now offers the option to export customers’ info to your HubSpot account, all you’ll need is an API token and you’ll be able to export the following data: 

  • Name

  • Company name

  • Email address

  • Additional email address

  • Phone Number

  • USPS form 1583 status (Signed or not signed)

Here’s how to set that up: 

A) You’ll first need to log in to your HubSpot account and head to the Settings page:

[You can find further info in HubSpot's API Docs: Access your HubSpot API Token]

  1. Under Account Setup go to Integrations > Private Apps:

  2. There you’ll have the option to create a new application and generate the API token you’ll need  by clicking on “Create a private app”:

  3. Start by filling in the needed basic info:

  4. Then switch to the “Scopes” tab to choose what SphereMail will be able to access — SphereMail only needs CRM access to be able to export your customers’ data and arrange it in columns on your HubSpot Contacts page, but you can adjust the scopes as you see fits: 

  5. Once you’ve picked the needed scopes, click on “Create app”: 

  6. And approve the message to finalize the creation process:

  7. Once you’re done and have created the application, HubSpot will show you a pop-up message with the token you can use on SphereMail to start exporting the data. Click on “Show token” then you’ll be able to copy it:

B) Once you’ve done that, you can now head to your SphereMail portal and log in with your Operator/Super Admin credentials: (Please note that Admins and Mail Admins would not have access to this section.)

  • Go to “Business Settings”:

  • Click on “Integrations” and choose the “Systems” tab. There you’ll find the option to export your customers’ data to HubSpot by first enabling the integration toggle, then pasting the token you’ve copied at step A)7, and finally clicking on “Update”:

  • Once you’ve clicked on "Update", SphereMail will start exporting all of your customers’ data to your HubSpot “Contacts” list:

    NOTE: This process could take a few minutes based on how many customers (active and inactive) you have on your SphereMail portal.

  • And you can adjust which data to view by clicking on “Edit columns” and choosing the properties you need:
    At the moment, these are the properties you can choose to view the data exported from your SphereMail account:
    • Name
    • Company name
    • Email
    • Additional email
    • Phone number 
    • Is form 1583 signed

And that’s it! From this point on, this exported list will automatically update itself in real-time whenever a new customer signs up, you manually create an account for them, or any of their exported info is changed on SphereMail.