SphereMail now offers direct integration with Deskworks to facilitate managing and connecting your members with their virtual mailboxes!

Here's how to set that up:

A) You’ll first need to contact Deskwork Support to open a ticket asking for the SphereMail integration:

  1. Deskwork support will provide you with the "Auth Token" you'll need to set up the integration.

  2. And then, you'll need to copy your Deskworks account URL
    (It's also called your Internal Tenant URL, e.g.

  3. The final step is to head to your Deskworks Setup page, then go to Webhooks, and click to add the two following ones:

    User events:[CLIENT_ID]/users
    (This is to sync customer accounts across both platforms and create SphereMail accounts for your new Deskworks member signups.)

    (This is to export invoices from SphereMail to Deskworks.)

    Note1: If you're not sure what your client ID is, please reach out to
    Note2: If the webhooks tab isn't visible in your Deskworks settings, please reach out to Deskworks support

B) Once you have that ready, you can head to your SphereMail portal and log in with your Operator/Super Admin credentials: (Please note that Admins and Mail Admins don't have access to this section.)


  1. Go to “Business Settings”:
  2. Click on “Integrations” and choose the “Systems” tab.
    There you’ll find the option to set up Deskworks by first enabling the integration toggle and then clicking on the “Connect” button that'll appear:

  3. You’ll get a popup window where you can paste the info you’ve copied at steps A)1+2 from your Deskworks account (Auth Token and Internal Tenant URL) and then click “Connect”:

  4. Once you're connected, you'll find the option to choose which center you'd like to integrate; this is where SphereMail will be connecting your customer accounts and exporting their invoices to, along with automatically creating SphereMail accounts for your new customer signups on Deskworks:

And you're all set! 

Now you have the option to connect your Deskworks users between both platforms:

Auto-connect all your SphereMail active customers: 

You can do that by simply clicking on "Connect members", confirm, and the system will cross-reference the emails of your active users and automatically connect them with their respective Deskworks member account.

Note: If the customer doesn't already have a member account on your Deskworks account, it'll be automatically created using the info they've set up on their SphereMail account.

Manually connect specific customers: 

You’ll need to visit the customer’s SphereMail account and manually choose and connect their Deskworks account:

What information is shared/synched between both systems? 

  • Active customer accounts and contact info.
  • New customer sign-ups on either system.
  • Your active SphereMail plans: they get listed in Deskworks under Virtual Membership.
  • Customers' new pending invoices after the integration is set up and activated. 
    (SphereMail cannot export old invoices and any invoices created prior to enabling the integration.)

What happens with future customer signups after you've set up the Deskworks integration?

  • Customer signed up on SphereMail?

The system will automatically connect them to their Deskworks account as long as they've signed up on SphereMail using the same email address they have on their member account on Deskworks.
If the SphereMail can't find the email on Deskworks, it'll create a new member account for this customer.
The same rules apply to customer accounts you create/activate manually.

  • Customer signed up on Deskworks? 

If the customer chooses the center you connected to your SphereMail account in step B)4, AND they pick one of your SphereMail visible plans to subscribe to, an account will be automatically created and activated for them on SphereMail once they finish the signup process successfully.

Note: The template for the login credentials your Deskworks customer will need to use to access their SphereMail account, in this case, is as follows: 

Username: DWusername (the same username they typed while signing up on Deskworks + "DW" to help identify the source of the account).
Temporary Password: Be123456!

Check this video for a better explanation of how the signup process works in this case:

How do you handle invoices with this integration active?

SphereMail will automatically and periodically export all/any pending invoices for your connected customers to Deskworks, where you can find them listed in your invoice log and decide how to process them on Deskworks as needed:

All exported invoices are automatically closed on SphereMail once they're successfully added to your Deskworks log:

Any SphereMail customer account that's not connected to Deskworks will follow the default billing process, where they will have to add their billing info, and you will charge them via SphereMail using your connected payment gateway as usual.