You can add mail items for any mailbox in bulk by following the steps below:

1. Click on the section titled "Mail Center"
2. Click on the button titled "Insert Bulk Mail"
3. Search by mailbox number, customer name, or business name

*Note: Once you have selected the PMB#, previously recorded mail items will load and display in a list on the right.

4. Select the mail item you wish to add from the list of previously recorded mail items and click "Add"
5. Once you have added a new mail item, it will be displayed in a tab to the right. You can edit the mail type, its quantity, its weight, and you can add a tracking number too. You can also add a message from the drop-down menu or create a custom one for each mail item you've added. 

6. Once your list is complete, click the button titled "Create BulkMail". The mail items will be added and your subscribers will be notified.

Consult the video below for further instructions: