As an operator, you can easily add a single mail item by following the steps below: 

1. Click on the section titled "Mail Center"
2. Click the button titled "Insert Single Mail"
3. Fill in the mail item's information and click "Add mail"

It is important to note that you can add multiple mailboxes when you enter the PMB# by simply hitting the Enter button.

4. When you type in the PMB#, a colored box will appear, which signifies the customer’s status. It is important that you only add mail for active, paid members.

*Kindly note that:

  • A green box means that the user is active and a paid subscriber
  • A gold box means that the user is inactive, but it has been less than six months since they have canceled. This means you will still store their USPS mail (not packages), but you will not record their mail items.
  • A red box means that the customer is inactive and mail is no longer accepted or recorded. Send these mail items back to the USPS by writing NSP (No Such Person)

5. Add a message and the customer will be notified of the mail along with the message. The
message will also appear in their account when they view their mail online. 

6. Select a message from the drop-down menu for common messages or customize your own message in the text box.

Once you have added the mail items, the customer will be notified via email and it will appear in their account. Administrators will be sent a copy of that email as well.

*Note: Only letters and postcards are allowed to be scanned.

Consult the following video for further instructions: