Personalized call answering by a live receptionist is available when this service is activated. To activate this service, simply go to your My Account page and select the Live Answering tab. You will be presented with two service plans:

1. Business 150 - $99/month for a maximum of 150 calls answered by a live receptionist

2. Business 350 - $189/month for a maximum of 350 calls answered by a live receptionist  

*Please note that $1.99/call will be billed for each call that exceeds the maximum in your plan.

SpherePhone Live Receptionist:

  • Calls are answered from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. across time zones Eastern (ET), Central (CT), Mountain (MT), and Pacific (PT)
  • Currently not available in Atlantic (AT) or Newfoundland (NT) time zones
  • Greetings are personalized up to a maximum of 16 words
  • Calls are answered promptly and professionally by a friendly receptionist with your personalized greeting
  • The call is then transferred to a predetermined telephone number of your choice or to voicemail
  • You will be provided with a voicemail box and a .wav file will be sent to your email with any voicemail messages

Choose the plan that best suits you and click “Subscribe"