The shipping label fees are divided into two components: what the customer pays and SphereMail's fees

  1. What the customer pays (delivery charges) -  as shown in the below screenshot. All fees in red boxes are paid by the customer according to their delivery option preference. 

  1. Spheremail fees as shown in the below screenshot, the Spheremail fee is in the purple box.

SphereMail charges a fee to generate Pre-Paid Shipping Labels from the platform. This service is optional and the fee is in addition to the cost of postage.

  • Domestic Letters - $0.49/Letter

  • International Letters - $0.75/letter

  • Domestic and International Packages - $3.75/Package*Note: this screenshot is for exemplary purposes only. Delivery charges may vary. 


You can bypass these fees by selecting the "manual forwarding" prompt and generating your own shipping labels outside of the SphereMail platform.