SphereMail offers the following Integrations to assist with managing your marketing:

Facebook Pixel ID:

Integrating Facebook Pixel with your SphereMail portal will help you understand customer traffic. It collects data about how customers use your SphereMail portal so you can effectively plan your ad campaigns to acquire new customers.

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2. Google Analytics Tracking ID:

Measure your advertising ROI and track your flash, video, and social networking sites by using Google Analytics.

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3. Google Ads Tracking ID:

Advertising with Google Ads allows you to invest in your business. Feel free to check the link mentioned below to under how Google Ads works and how this investment can help you grow your business within your budget.

Learn more about Google Ads

4. HubSpot Tracking ID:

Setting up HubSpot allows you to track your customer's traffic and purchasing behavior. Measure and analyze your marketing campaigns' performance by using HubSpot's tracking ID. 

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