If the customer signed the form in person and it was manually uploaded to the platform, you can't edit its data; the customer will need to provide you with a new signed form with the correct info to be reuploaded to their account.

Otherwise, the customer can use our online notary workflow to fill out and sign the form again without needing to visit your location in person to get it done. You can consult this article for more info on how that works: Notarizing the 1583 Form. The online notarizing workflow offered by SphereMail allows your customers the opportunity to easily edit and fill out their forms in the future whenever they might need to; for example, if their business name or mailbox number changes.

NOTE: In order to avoid any USPS fines or civil action against you in the event of an audit. If you have already turned in the incorrect 1583 form to the post office, you must make sure that you turn in a new form to the post office and follow the instructions in the URLs below on what to do to update the form.