Once mail items are entered and become visible to the customers, they must be processed and their cycle must be completed. This allows operators to clear out any mail items stored in their location and allows for a more seamless workflow. 

When a customer receives mail items, the operator enters the mail onto the platform and the platform will send an email to the customer that new mail is on the system. The customer can view the mail and make a request for the mail to be forwarded, held for pick up, scanned, marked as junk, shredded, or request a picture of the envelope through the platform. However, the mail item's lifespan must be ended by either requesting it to be shredded, forwarded, or picked up in order to avoid any storage fees

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Please note that marking a mail item as junk does not close the mail item's cycle. The mail item, instead, gets stored on the platform compiling storage fees after 30 days. 

*Note: Storage fees enable the operator to prompt the customer into closing their mail items' cycle, thus clearing out any pieces of mail that are no longer of use. The same concept applies to the operator. Storage fees apply in order to help our servers function in the best way possible, eliminating overcrowding and increased cost of stored files.